The Healthy Schools Project

Nourishing Hope: The Transformative Journey of "The Healthy Schools Project"

Beirut, Lebanon — January, 2024

Sending a child to school with an empty lunch box, knowing they may endure insufficient or no meals at all, was a harsh reality for numerous children in Lebanon’s Public Schools. In response to this heartbreaking challenge, Fair Trade Lebanon, in collaboration with GIZ (Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit) and the Ministry of Education and Higher Education in Lebanon (@mehe_lebanon), took a bold step forward by launching “The Healthy Schools Project ” – a beacon of hope determined to change the lives of these young souls.

Today, we proudly highlight heartwarming achievements from the persistent efforts of the Health School Project Initiative:

  • 144 Public Schools Reached
  • 101,444 Healthy Food Boxes Distributed
  • 111,492 Delicious Manouche Lovingly Prepared and Shared
  • 25 Schools Equipped with 50 Saj, Trained to Use Them Whenever Needed

The primary objective was to enhance daily caloric intake and promote healthy dietary habits through a partnership with local agricultural cooperatives, nutritious Lebanese food boxes and sandwiches have been consistently supplied to public schools, contributing to economic growth and ensuring universal benefits from the initiative.

The Health School Project Initiative not only nourished hungry stomachs but also nurtured the spirits of these young souls.