Advocacy & Lobbying


Advocacy & Lobbying

We take pride in our commitment to creating awareness, driving change, and engaging with diverse stakeholders to advance the principles and values of Fair Trade. Our advocacy and lobbying efforts strive to elevate the concept of Fair Trade and amplify its significance in the public domain.

Communication For Social Change

At the heart of our advocacy lies our dedication to engaging with the local community, fostering meaningful connections, and sharing knowledge about Fair Trade. We’ve organized a range of inspiring events in Lebanon, from World Fair Trade Day celebrations to intimate gatherings that spark dialogue and understanding. We also prioritize education and conduct informative sessions on Fair Trade for schools and universities. In  September 2018, we launched The International Fair Trade Charter at at AUB (American University in Beirut). This charter symbolizes the Global Fair Trade Movement’s dedication to achieving justice, equity, and sustainability in trade for both people and the planet. 

Our collaborations extend to a number of esteemed institutions, including Notre Dame de Jamhour, Grand Lycée Franco-Libanais Ashrafieh, Al Ahliye School, International College (IC), Saint Vincent de Paul, Notre Dame des Frères, Lebanese American University (LAU), and Notre-Dame University (NDU).


Public Advocacy

Driven by passion and purpose, we champion a fairer and more sustainable future for all, empowering marginalized communities and championing ethical trade practices. Our dedication to advocacy has been solidified through MOU with key government ministries, forging invaluable partnerships with the Ministry of Industry, Ministry of Economy and Trade, and the Ministry of Agriculture. As part of that work, in March 2023 we launched NEC “National Export Center” in collaboration with the Ministry of Industry. This center is a sustainable initiative that emerged from BIEEL, a project initiated by the U.S. – Middle East Partnership Initiative and led by Fair Trade Lebanon. The program aims to enhance the export of Lebanese products in international markets and increase awareness among industrialists about the standards and certifications required for exporting our products.

We strive to empower communities across the globe. That’s why we actively participate in local initiatives and proudly hold memberships in esteemed organizations such as the Lebanese Social Enterprise Association (LSEA), Global Compact Network, LHDF (Lebanon Humanitarian & Development NGO Forum), Partnerships Task Force, NGOs governance working group (IFG-ESA), Lebanon Inter-Agency Coordination, Food Security and Agriculture Working Group, and Lebanese Agroecology Coalition.