FTTL winning Go Global Awards 2023

Beirut, Lebanon — November 08, 2023

Fair Trade and Tourism Lebanon (FTTL), the social enterprise championed by @fairtradelebanon, received the esteemed Fair Trade Award, celebrated on November 8th at the Go Global Awards 2023 organized by the International Trade Council in Rhode Island, USA.

After a rigorous evaluation process, FTTL was chosen for its remarkable work empowering small-scale producers, mainly women, in rural Lebanon and promoting sustainable agriculture, fair trade principles, and cultural heritage through its “Terroirs du Liban” product line.

The awards program, a nexus for industry leaders and government officials, recognized businesses of all sizes with innovative, export-ready products or services. FTTL’s journey involved a meticulous evaluation process, leading to a coveted spot on the shortlist and an invitation to the live three-day event.

Participants not only pitched their successes but engaged in impactful B2B meetings, exchanged insights, and delved into export promotion strategies. The final event hosted 50 government economic development agencies and 400 companies, emphasizing the exclusivity of the occasion.

FTTL’s recognition isn’t just an award; it symbolizes a commitment to global excellence and the impact of socially conscious enterprises.

“We are thrilled to recognize that FTTL’s efforts to create social impact while expanding market access for disadvantaged communities received the GO Global Award” said Joanne Karkour (Partner and Executive Director of FTTL) . “This inspires us to broaden our mission of rural development, ethical trade, and social empowerment in Lebanon.”

“This award is mainly dedicated to all WOMEN in cooperatives FTL has supported throughout the years across Lebanon, as well as small farmers,” added Karkour.

This win at the Go Global Awards underscores FTTL’s standing as a beacon of achievement within the global fairtrade community, showcasing the power of purpose-driven business on an international stage.


Congratulations to FTTL for this well-deserved recognition!