First Fair Trade Towns Campaigns in Lebanon

First Fair Trade Towns Campaigns in Lebanon


January 2014


May 2016


Akkar, Bekaa, Mount Lebanon, South Lebanon, Nabatieh

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Funding Partner:

European Union


Generously funded by the European Union and masterfully coordinated by OMSAR (The Office of the Minister of State for Administrative Reform) under the extensive AFKAR III program. Fair Trade Lebanon, in perfect sync with Mouvement Social, embarked on a remarkable journey—to weave 10 Lebanese communities into the vibrant fabric of the global Fair Trade network. The heart of this venture beat in harmony with the essence of Fair Trade principles. As our path converged, it gave birth to 9 radiant Fair Trade Towns: Abra, Aïn Ebel, Baskinta, Bissariyyeh, Fourzol, Kfar Tebnit, Mheidthe, Menjez, and Saidoun.