Agrifood Market Survey 2021

Agrifood Market Survey 2021


February 2022


November 2022



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Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations


Nurturing Resilience, Charting Recovery: The FAO-funded project served as a beacon of hope for Lebanon’s agri-food industry amid the crisis. In response to joint requests from the Ministry of Agriculture and FAO, FTL focused on two value chains (VCs) within the two most affected agriculture sub-sectors: the cow milk and meat poultry & eggs VCs under the animal production sub-sector, and greenhouse crops and table grapes VC under the plant production sub-sector. Our mission was to unravel the challenges faced by VC actors in these sub-sectors and pave the path to recovery with insightful recommendations. This comprehensive endeavor involved a literature review, rigorous interviews with 13 key informants, and a dynamic survey encompassing over 400 participants from diverse value chain roles. With unwavering dedication, we meticulously analyzed the data, weaving a compelling synthesized report that holds the keys to resilience and growth