Lebanon Showcases at SIAG Food Trade Show

Beirut, Lebanon — March 19,2024

Lebanon made its successful debut at the 10th edition of the SIAG Food Trade Show in Oran, Algeria, from March 4 to 7. 

The “SIAG – Algeria Food Expo” is an annual professional exhibition held at the Oran Convention Center, serving as a pivotal event in the agro-food sector. The event gathers professionals, decision-makers, and experts from diverse fields. Lebanon’s Minister of Industry and the Ambassador of Lebanon to Algeria inaugurated the Lebanese stand, underscoring Lebanon’s commitment to fostering international cooperation.

This accomplishment was possible with the support of USAID and the collaborative efforts of Land O’Lakes Venture37, Fair Trade Lebanon, and Georges N. Frem Foundation. Together, they showcased innovative products from local Lebanese cooperatives, combining traditional methods with modern innovation on a global stage.

Participation in SIAG has created new opportunities for Lebanese cooperatives, offering global visibility and the chance to establish meaningful international partnerships. Notably, the CD4 project played a vital role in preparing these cooperatives for success, focusing on enhancing their capabilities in product development, marketing, and governance.

Hazem Harb, the Senior Cooperative Development Manager of CD4, emphasized, “This Expo marks a significant step in enhancing our efforts to activate resilience links for the cooperatives under the USAID-funded CD4 project. It’s our inaugural presence in Algeria, offering an opportunity for products from CD4-supported cooperatives to expand into external markets and introduce Algerian consumers to these locally produced goods”.