Fair Trade Lebanon Discusses Agro-Ecology at ‘Made in Lebanon’ Expo

Fair Trade Lebanon successfully hosted a pivotal panel on agro-ecology at the ‘Made in Lebanon’
exhibition on May 11, 2024, under Tarik Akhdar project. The event took place at the Forum de Beyrouth,
emphasizing the importance of sustainable practices for Lebanon’s economic revival.

The session, opened by Samir Abdelmalak, President of Fair Trade Lebanon, and Eng. Chantal Akl, Acting
Director-General of the Ministry of Industry, paved the way for insightful discussions. Alexandre Salha,
Projects Director at FTL, moderated the panel titled “Empowering Tomorrow.”

Speakers included Dr. Nadim Farajalla, who showcased academia’s role in promoting sustainability and
biodiversity. Dr. Maya Nehme discussed industry strategies for sustainability and reducing emissions in
her talk, “Carbon Conscious.” Imad Abi Chaker and Sarah El Khechen highlighted industrial and economic
growth perspectives through agro-ecology.

The event concluded with Benoit Berger, Program Director at Fair Trade Lebanon, reflecting on the Tarik
Akhdar project’s achievements and future sustainable economic strategies.