EXCEL-MB: Revitalizing Lebanon’s Agri-Food Industry

EXCEL-MB: Revitalizing Lebanon's Agri-Food Industry


January 2024


April 2025


Zahle, Baalbek, Shouf, Aley

Number of Beneficiaries:

10 MSME’S, 40 direct employees

Funding Partner:

Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH


EXCEL-MB aims to uplift Lebanon’s Agri-Food Sector to new heights, focusing on Bekaa and Mount Lebanon’s MSMEs, with a particular emphasis on elevating them. The project offers tailored training, strategic partnerships, expanded market access, and job creation opportunities. The target demographics include 10 MSMEs, 40 employees, and 400 households, with a special focus on women-led MSMEs and Persons with Disabilities.