Improving the Economic Situation of Youth in Lebanon

Improving the Economic Situation of Youth in Lebanon


August 2021


February 2022


South Lebanon

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Cooperation of Monaco


Through the reinforcement of relationships between Lebanon, France and Tunisia 

Cultivating Prosperity Across Borders: United by the support of the Cooperation of Monaco and the MEAE, in collaboration with Association Illis, the J-Med program came to life in partnership with Shanti and Arcenciel France. Our joint endeavor was dedicated to enriching the economic landscape for the Lebanese youth through fortified connections between Lebanon, France, and Tunisia. The project included 30 bright minds from South Lebanin and welcomed 6 from France. It unfolded in three dynamic components: Empowering French and Lebanese youth with knowledge in the realm of agro-ecology, nurturing technical proficiency among the Lebanese youth in this sector, and nurturing their capacities to cultivate social enterprises.